Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coney Island

The rain broke on Wednesday and it suddenly turned beautiful out. I took advantage of my unemployment to ride out to Coney Island and watch the sun set. The freelance life isn't all bad!

Big Swingin' in Philly

Took a trip down to Philly with the Snackmaster to hang with Eric.This dude is worse about hounding me for photos than my mom.
The man, the myth, the legend, Eric King.

Eric and Shittens.

Big Swingin' in NYC

So I picked up this l'il bastard for $3.50 at a Goodwill in Kentucky over Thanksgiving. I'm getting pretty good about being able to tell if a)a Polaroid camera still works and b)if I can still buy film for it. I lucked out on this occasion, not only does the camera function but it takes beautiful pictures.A camera from the 70's called "The Big Swinger?" Hmmm....
Prospect Park!

Amazing how much you can bring back with computers. This photo is actually really washed out.

This is at the Highline in Chelsea.
My name is Cody and I'm VERY serious.