Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rest In Peace

I guess I was just in denial. I knew Polaroid had stopped making film, but Fuji started making certain types...

I guess I figured that even if Fuji didn't make Spectra film, there are enough things laying around in warehouses that Spectra film would still be plentiful. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

My grandmother sent me $100 for my birthday and said to spend it on something I normally wouldn't buy. I thought about it, and decided to trot out the Spectra camera. To my surprise, there was relatively little Spectra film left on Ebay and what was there was both expired and over double the old price.

I decided to try it anyway. The film still works, it just seems like maybe the Cyan dye is defunct. Unless Fuji picks up this type, Spectra is going the way of the dinosaur within the next year or two. So please guys, raise your glasses and pour one out for a fallen comrade.

R.I.P Spectra
Balsa glider flying double exposure on the water.
You can tell he's got aviation in his blood. Look at the shades and that proper glider launching stance.
Since the film was busted, I just decided to shoot mostly double exposures since I didn't have much to lose.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ain't no party like a dinosaur party

Because a dinosaur party don't...Ok they do stop, but they shouldn't. Thanks so much to everyone who came out and had fun and to Emily and Mom for outfitting the party. Here are the highlights of the night in basically no particular order. Should be posting a zip of hi-res version of all the photos soon.

Anna and Caurina. Like, Anna Karina. Get it?

This sea captain fought a bout of scurvy and washed up on the shores of Brooklyn via Amsterdam. Billy definitely wins the furthest distance traveled to get to the party award.
Yes Eric, you should be proud.
T-rexes often used the classic kick to the shin to take down Brontosaurus.

Frat boy dinosaurs.

Do you come here often?

Creeping death.

You'd think going to a dinosaur party the risk of wearing the same outfit would be pretty minimal but these two somehow pulled it off.

Joose has definitely got someone loose.

Someone had to do it Chris. Someone had to...

Coordinating your beer colors to your t-shirt colors is always a solid idea.
Blow this up and check the beer spilling upwards out of the can.
Right before this was taken, Pete and Pat were told Kangol hats weren't cool anymore.
Classic dino-stomping action.

An epic battle indeed.
So I says to Maybelle I says

Probably didn't see that coming.