Friday, September 28, 2012

an absolute love free of shadows

More Polaroids from Tokyo. A lot of double exposures. Unfortunately while traveling it's hard to keep the photos separated and clean. Sexy Zone again.



Fish Market. Amusement park!

Title- 1Q84 - Haruki Murakami

Monday, September 3, 2012

Electric Lights, Electric City

It's been a while (think about Staind...THINK ABOUT THEM). But I am back, the Polaroids always get the shaft in my adventures, I usually sort through things Digital, Film, and Polaroids last. I decided to invert it this time and while there are still gigabytes of digital photos from both Iceland and Tokyo, I'm presenting Tokyo Polaroids before any of the others.
The neon lights lent themselves to great double exposures. Above, however, is a small, rather decrepit amusement park in central Tokyo. I saw it in Enter the Void and fell in love.

Paper cranes left at a shrine in Kyoto.
The monster known as Akihabra...aka Electric City. This is pretty much mecca for anyone interested in Anime, Manga, video games, or weird Japanese fetishes.
After just a few short hours here, I felt dirty. Like, really dirty. A pretty amazing amount of porn shops and maiden cafes coupled with an extremely unhealthy dose of consumerism and the future.
Louis Bourgeouis sculpture in Ropongi hills.
Kamakura double exposure, Buddha and the beach.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This is still day 2

More photos of the amusement park and around Asakusa. Above is a beheaded samurai in the animatronic Ghost Mansion at the amusement park, which was actually rather terrifying.

This was in the tourist info in Asakusa. It's a model of Tokyo.

So I took this picture of the odd sculpture on the building. Apparently it is the subject of some ridicule.

However, upon further inspection, there is all sorts of Japanese goodness in this photo. That small building on the left, with the nice colors and mousey cartoon characters, is actually some sort of police hut.

Also, look at that blue sign...

Loved this intersection.
Some streets with Izakaya restaurants.
This is Tokyo Skytree that just opened and is pretty amazing looking.