Friday, April 29, 2011

Black is back in fashion and not caring is the new passion

Day 3 in Berlin.

This was a park dedicated to victims of the Berlin wall. Really heartbreaking.

There was this massive flea market at a park in Prenzlauer Berg. The flea market was swamped and so was the park. This isn't even 1/10 of the people in the park that day.

Apparently I took pictures of this building every day?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

You'll always be a stranger in a strange, strange land

Neue Nationalgalerie

Oskar Nerlinger

Carl Buchheister. Posted for the Snackmaster. Plus look at those shadows under the frame.

Forgot to get credit on this one...

Berlin Philharmonic. Apparently it's not Frank Gehry.

Anna displaying her Polaroid and weird Berlin juice.

Seeing this snake through the city just drives home the point that humans can really be assholes.

Cool club done up to look East German that played nothing but disco allllllllll night.

Unknown soldier memorial.

I told you the architecture is out of control.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Berlin Day 1

A city blown to hell and back. Things seem quite nice on the other side.

This is a massive, amazing Holocaust memorial in the middle of Berlin.

This was this stuff called Berliner Weisse, a white beer made (?) in Berlin. The waitress said it was really bitter and they always add this green syrup to it. This is the result. I saw later they also have a pink version...

There are courtyards between buildings in Berlin. We were fifteen feet away from a busy intersection, but all the noise was blocked by the surrounding buildings.

I had read about this, but we stumbled across it the first night. It's called Tachelles, it's an old five floor department store that has been turned into artist's spaces. Amazing.

A massive studio in Tachelles.

The place was coated in graffiti.

I recognized this station from one of the Bourne Identity movies. Pretty exciting.

The architecture in Berlin is amazing.

My advice? Go to Berlin.