Thursday, December 30, 2010

Florida in no particular order part 2

A lot of the photos here I feel weirdly guilty about. They are all double exposures taken with Polaroid but way over exposed. Once scanned however, I can bring the exposure level way down and kind of reveal an image you can't even see on the picture itself.

Part of me feels like this is cheating, like I should just get the exposure right in the first place.

On the other hand, no one sees the actual pictures except me and like two other people at most. So what's it matter if it's digitally altered?

In the end, I just think these images are beautiful, digital or not...

This is the only one that actually looks like this on the hard copy.

Oh, and the black dot I think is called reciprocity failure. Basically the sun burning out the film.

I see photos like this all the time, but they never get old to me.

Florida in no particular order

I decided to just post the files in alphabetical order in 3 posts of ten images this time. These are all Polaroids taken in Florida with a few upon return to New York.

Not Florida.

Dr. Frasier?

Sister at the nature preserve.

We went kayaking through these estuaries (I think that's what they were...) in a nature preserve. It was pretty amazing. Taking Polaroids in a kayak was much harder than I anticipated.

Not Florida.

Not Florida.

The first of several saves via post-production. More to come...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Allure of the Game

Man the ROI on these things sucks. I've dumped hundreds of dollars into Polaroids and not a penny in return. But as we all know, just because something is a shitty product doesn't mean it's not a good investment. Come on Goldman, buy these up, hedge your bets that Sotheby's won't be buying them. Win win, am I right?