Sunday, March 6, 2011

My life as a fairy tale

So I stole that title from Stephen Merrit's play about Hans Christian Anderson but this place is pretty amazing. This is the garden of the house we're staying in.

This is the studio of the place we're staying.


Office or my work space basically.

Kitchen part 1

Kitchen part 2

Around Amersfoort with Boris and company

On the way back from the train station our second night.

A beautiful bike path along the river Rhein is like 10 feet away.

I've wanted to try this technique for a while now called Through the Viewfinder or TTV. Basically you take a medium format twins reflex camera, the type that you look through the top to see what you're photographing. Then basically photograph the viewfinder with a digital camera. Pretty cool.

Art store in Arnhem.

Behind the scenes of TTV.

So I got all of these for like 1 euro each. I highly recommend the donker.


  1. Please keep sending these. I am so elated for you both and I love Cody that I can see your blue striped sweater in one of the pics - tho the pics are of foreign magical places, your sweater I know so well. The integration is breathtaking. Like - 10 feet away. I'm so happy. For you guys.

  2. I'd say you're both lucky ducks, except that you deserve this retreat. Enjoy yourselves . . . oh, you will do that anyway, huh?
    Fun, fun, fun.
    Richard & Carol,
    or . . . Carol & Richard

  3. How amazing is this? 10 feet from the Rhine River?? The house so very lovely. Enjoy your stay, which Iam sure you will. Keep sending the photos as well. Much love, Carol & Richard or Richard & Carol!!