Sunday, April 15, 2012

Around Hrisey

When we arrived at the house, nearly every window sill had loads of dead flies on them. I thought it was too cold for flies here but apparently not. This photo illustrates the mortality found in every living being...or something. This view greets us as soon as we step foot outside the house. Pretty breathtaking even after two weeks of daily viewing. More tractors. The coast of Hrisey. More thistles. These things look like large, wooden dandelions and are all over the island. Even for a seagull, this thing looks pretty majestic. Of course, anything in flight looks pretty majestic. Well, maybe not this guy. Not so majestic any more are you Mr. Seagull? Hrisey graveyard. Leave it to me to go to an island in the middle of a fjord and find the only abandoned building. I've explored abandoned buildings in Philly and New York without much trepidation. Maybe it's all the talk of hidden people and magic mountains but this place freaked me out. Well, maybe that in combination that all of the furniture was left, and it almost looks as if the previous occupants tried to barricade the house from something outside. I snapped a few photos and bolted. This stuff is all over Hrisey. It might be called heather. Or maybe not. But it's super springy and soft and would make for a nice bed. The smallest lighthouse I've ever seen.


  1. Maybe we could send Newt Gingrich as our permanent ambassador to Hrisey. It would substitute for his wanting to put a Motel-6 on the moon after he is elected President. On the other hand, what have the Hriseyans ever done to us??

    1. Is he still pretending he has any sort of chance of winning the nomination, let alone an actual election? Unfortunately the Icelanders are too nice to wish this sort of fate on them. I'd say instead he can be the pioneer moon colonist.