Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mývatn Day 1 - Dimmuborgir

Our first stop in Mývatn was a place called Dimmuborgir, the home of the Yulelads pictured in the last post. I've tried several times to understand how this place was actually formed but can't quite seem really get it, so here is Wikipedia.

"The formation of pseudocraters halted the advance of the lava in some places creating temporal lava lakes. The lava eventually drained from the lakes, leaving behind a forest of rock pillars." There was a light snow when we got out of the car and took an hour long hike through these eery rock formations. I feel like some of these photos just don't do this place justice. There were hundreds of little caves and crevices all over the place. One expected hidden people, Yulelads, or aliens to appear at any moment. Speaking of hidden persons...

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