Sunday, July 15, 2012

Super Frog Saves Tokyo

Pedestrian overpasses seem to be quite popular in Tokyo. Makes for good centered photos of the streets, which I was really attracted to. For whatever reason, the first thing that really made me feel like I was in Tokyo were the characters painted on the street.

Our first day consisted of wandering around a neighborhood Meguro near where my sister teaches. We went to a few temples and shrines, unfortunately, I have no idea what any of them were called. At that point, I was still in shocked and awed mode.

This guy I believe is named Daruma. I believe he is a Shinto god of some sorts, but I am really not sure about that.

These are prayer cards you can buy at a lot of temples. You write your prayers on the back side of them and then hang them up for the gods to read. Very beautiful. I brought a few home.

A lot of the shrines and temples had these beautiful strings of origami hanging behind statues. Really amazing.

This is a massive wedding chapel. It had a beautiful outdoor area with waterfalls and coy fish. Also, hands down the nicest bathroom I've been in. It was like Disney world in there.

Scenes from around Meguro/Nakameguro.

Title: Haruki Murakami short story

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