Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beautiful disasters

Cleaning up my apartment last night, something drove me to look through the book of negatives from college that I haven't touched since then. I knew they were a mess, evident by the way the book didn't really open as it was stuck shut with some nasty chemicals.

So I thought about turning this into a diatribe, maybe going the high road, and talking about Marcel Duchamp's The Large Glass and accidents and artwork. Or maybe go the tech route and rant about the importance of archiving and carefully storing work. I guess my opinion falls more under "f*ck it."

Who knows what happened to these pictures, maybe when the girls I lived with in Boston put all of my stuff outside in November in the snow, or maybe the extreme humidity and heat of Philly got to them, or maybe I just didn't clean off all the chemicals when they were printed years ago. Anyway, whatever happened, I'm glad it did, because these photos are a lot cooler now than they were 5 years ago.

I really was pretty certain that after I learned to make animated GIFs in high school, I'd probably never make another one. (Un)fortunately, Today and Tomorrow and er0k made me think they're cool again.

The decay kind of takes them from "lame college student trying too hard" to "slightly creepy", in my opinion.

I've known this psycho 10+ years! After this Sean and I ran out of gas in the pizza delivery Jeep. We were careening through JP stopping and starting while "Such Great Heights" played on the radio. Don't ask me why I remember that.
These were taken in Kentucky back when I was obsessed with cell phone towers.

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