Monday, September 27, 2010


Is awful. So, so awful. That's my new excuse for not posting. Here as proof of how little I'm shooting/posting are a variety of digitals taken over the past month or two.

This is the studio we've been subletting. Amazing.

Monsoon outside the studio.

Anna in the studio.

My photos and glass stencils during open studios.

Nikki Hotvedt's work at open studios.

Anna Ortiz's work at open studios.

My Polaroids and books at open studios.

View of Manhattan from Anna's apartment.

Directing a photo shoot on Governor's Island.

Views from Governor's Island.


So unfortunately, I don't have the catalog from the show and I'm too lazy to go through every artist on the web site and find out who these people are. Sorry. If anyone knows anything, please comment and I'll update the post.

Anna's installation at Governor's Island.


  1. I like the one of Katherine's back and my arm that one is the best.

  2. the glass stencils with your photos are wicked