Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Transitions to Fall

A perfect day, I wanted to see where the bike trail went that I got rained out on two days ago. I should have been packing. The fish I think was being cut into bate at the Veteran's Memorial Pier. I asked permission from the fisherman to photograph his (half) fish.
So, the answer to my question. This bike trail, that runs along the water from Sunset Park, under the Verazzano, and out towards Coney Island, ends here. Like HERE. No shit, the bike trail literally dead ends into the wall of Babies 'R' Us. WTF.

NYC parks have strange rules. If you can't loiter, what can you do in the park?


  1. I wouldn't let you NEAR my half of a dead fish. That guy's crazy.

  2. I thought that half fish was one of those singing fish for a second and thought you were using it as installation art