Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fort Tildon

Last weekend Chris and I rode towards the water in search of Fort Tildon. Chris had been before, I hadn't. Either way, neither of use really knew how to get there. Once we arrived, it was well worth it. Beautiful beaches that aren't full of trash (at least some of them) and a very limited number of people made the 1.5 hour ride well worth it.

Polaroid scans from the trip to come at a later date.

Amusement park at Floyd Bennet Field had some pretty sweet looking rides.

"You mean I touched that death machine for nothing?!" Not for nothing Chris, not for nothing.

Welcome to the world of the plastic beach
The first of the abandoned structures we explored. These are my favorite types, minimal/no security and not too sketchy gives plenty of time to set up lights and take time with the photos.

I love this photo except for that half-assed spray painted Quagmire some little 15 year old gutter snipe threw up.
Branch sculpture
Chris on top of the pill box at Fort Tildon. Security drove by while we were up here, Chris waved at them, they waved back and went on their merry way!

Inside the pill box.
Out of the pill box and into sunlight.
The name sake fort. Looks like something out of THX-1138

Ghosts! This place was seriously creepy all those rooms on the left were completely pitch black. The only way to see what was inside was to shoot a photo with flash and check the results. I kept expecting the old horror movie trick of checking the photo and seeing some zombie coming towards the camera.


  1. great stuff. love the pill box and the thx-1138.

  2. Quagmire. Gutter snipe.

  3. What a great photographer, son and brother. Love you.