Friday, May 7, 2010

Life After Death

So apparently I jumped the gun a bit on proclaiming Spectra film dead. Not only did I take one of my favorite Polaroids ever, but I also discovered Adorama has 700 boxes of it in their warehouse for quite a bit cheaper than what I paid.

The cyan still isn't working though and I'm not going to pretend these aren't heavily color-corrected after scanning. But the information was there, I didn't add colors or anything. My favorite image however, the last one, is pretty much straight out of the camera.

I was imitating a Polaroid I took years ago in Rome with my friend Michael. I pretty much nailed it, the original can be found under "Beautiful and Useless" here.

Madison Square Park in full bloom.
"In a dream we are connected, Siamese twins at the wrist. And I knew we'd been forsaken, expelled from paradise"

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  1. love these. the "madSq.jpg" is my fave. looks like the buildings are made of flowers.