Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Agia Sofia en route to Elofonisi

We kept the car a second day and drove through the mountains again to a beach called Elofonisi.

Above is a picture of the streets of Chania.

Along the way, we saw signs that said something about a religious cave with free entrance. I'm not sure exactly of the history of Agia Sofia, but they had found evidence that people had been using the cave for several thousand years.

We parked at the cave and walked up some stairs to the entrance. There were two men about halfway up repairing a shelter but other than that, no one was around.

The inside of the cave was pretty creepy, lots of hidden crevices, the only light came from the sun shining through the entrance. Bats and birds kept swooping over head.

There were various religious altars and pieces in the cave.

This was maybe the creepiest part, tucked in to a little nook was this shack. This is the only picture I took of it. I kept expecting some Nosferatu type creature to bust out of it and eat me alive. I think that's why I didn't stick around for a second photo...

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