Friday, July 15, 2011

Paradise Found

Trying to shake the sensation of being on a boat for the last ten hours, we wandered through cobble stone streets at sunrise to find our hotel.

An old woman carrying an armful of Cala Lilies pointed us in the direction of Hotel Theresa. Out front was the woman I had spoken to on the phone who said she wasn't "sure if they had a room." Maria normally arrived at work at 9, but could tell I was nervous about the situation so she showed up at 7 AM to meet us. Our room wasn't ready so she bought us coffee at the cafe next door.

So began our short stay in paradise.

If you find yourself in Crete, I would recommend staying at Hotel Thereza.

This is the view from directly outside of our room.

The old Venetian harbor was steps from our hotel door.

Ruled by Christians and Muslims alike, Crete is full of oddities like minarets stuck onto old churches. What used to be a church instantly becomes a mosque!

These things were all over the place, essentially a tribute to someone who died at that spot. Supposedly vendettas and car crashes were major sources of mortality on Crete.

The Turkish baths are all over the city of Chania. Some have been converted to restaurants.

A place where the water is a clear turquoise color and warm enough to swim in, yet there are snow covered mountains in the distance.

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