Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ferry to Crete

We took an overnight ferry from Athens to Chania, Crete. The boat left at ten PM and arrived at 5:30 AM in Crete, not exactly convenient to us.

The boat was crazy, maybe like ten floors, escalators, multiple bars and restaurants, a dog area, etc. We had a cabin that had two beds and a shower, but went to sleep pretty late and woke up every 30 minutes or so to weird howling noises, running footsteps, and suffocating heat. My night was spent in terror, falling in and out of sleep, constantly thinking the boat was sinking.

Still, a pretty incredible experience. When we arrived at the port in Athens, it was complete chaos, cars, trucks, people everywhere. For some reason, it made me think of what I imagine India feeling like.

We arrived at 5:30 AM in the pitch black on and island in the middle of the Mediterranean.

A very disorienting experience.

We found out we could sleep on the boat until 7:30 so we went back to sleep. When I awoke I pulled open the curtain and was met with this view. We woke up and scrambled off the boat and into paradise.

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