Sunday, June 14, 2009


Seriously forgot how cool Amsterdam is. Tons of museums, night clubs, bars, coffee shops, etc. And oh so beautiful. Not much to report from Amsterdam, I did a lot of sight-seeing for 24 hours there. I stayed in a budget hotel in a 5 bed room but was the only one in there. Kind of appropriate to end such a solitary trip by having a room to myself at a hostel...

En route to Amersfoort
I mean, these houses are all over the place, couldn't they just give me one of them? This is outside my hotel room, it's hard to see the warm glow of the neon sign DIRECTLY outside my window.

Wish I was...
Obligatory canal picture.

Creepy art installation at the Stedilijk Bureau. The faces moved and talked in these weird voices and looked very realistic.
Goodbye Netherlands! Hello Prague!

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