Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nijmegen to Well/Venray

So my camera battery died at the museum. I wasn't able to charge it until I arrived in Nijmegen, so there is a black out from that journey. Navigating has become rather easy. There are red signs at most major intersections pointing the directions to towns. I started looking at a map and picking a nearby city and just following the signs going from town to town until I reach the destination. This worked great until I hit rural Netherlands when looking for Well. I got completely lost and there were no signs. After going down some random dirt road, I finally found a sign. The other minor catastrophe was, when visiting the big lake near Well, it started to rain while I was hiking. I'd cleverly left my umbrella and jacket with my bike so I decided to sit under a tree and wait it out. The rain didn't let up so I made a break for my bike, got my jacket and umbrella and tried to figure out what to do in the middle of nowhere when it's raining. I decided to at least move towards some place I could sleep for the night if I had to. That's when the key got stuck in the bike lock. The bike wasn't chained to a tree, but NL bike locks put a bar across the back tire preventing it from rolling. So after about 20 minutes of trying to get the key out, I was able to at least unlock the lock. Close call...
*Note to friends* When I die, I expect to have some sort of weird Tupac shrine made in my honor.
Obligatory windmill picture


  1. I already started on your airbrushed death homage tree poster, but it features Lil Wayne, not Tupac... I assumed he'd go before you. Now I'll have to start all over. Just great, Cody.

  2. haha! no way, that's so much better! hopefully you haven't scrapped the l'il wayne one yet! see you soon!